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These terms of Business are between A2Z Au Pairs hereinafter called the agency and the client family hereinafter called the client. The term au pair includes Nannies and mothers help.

NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN (exception if Au pair fails to arrive and satisfactory replacement cannot be found within 1 month) – IN ALL OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY CREDIT NOTES ARE ISSUED – SEE BELOW.   OUR REPLACEMENT POLICY IS ONLY VALID YOU PROVIDE US WITH COPIES OF THE WRITTEN GUIDANCE (handbook) AND TIMETABLE THAT YOUR AUPAIR HAS FAILED TO COMPLY WITH -we issue you with a comprehensive family handbook guide to help you with timetables, house rules etc.
PLEASE NOTE - If the Au Pair gives early notice due to the host family providing a different environment or expecting different duties than detailed in the initial host family agreement OUR CREDITS WILL NOT APPLY AND A FULL FEE WILL BE DUE AGAIN. 

For managed placements where the client sources their own Au Pair our credit terms do not apply - the fee is for the placement of that specific applicant for whatever duration they complete

  • The client accepts, or shall be deemed to accept these terms of business by agreeing to the activation of their family search or interviewing or engaging an au pair introduced by the agency
  • The agency acts as an agent solely for the purpose of effecting introductions between the client and the Au Pairs. Any fees charged are solely for introductions. 
  • By completing the registration, the client is giving the agency permission to introduce the client information to their reputable partner agencies.
  • The full Agency fee will become payable on the client accepting the Au Pair. Travel will only be confirmed if payment has been received. The client will not be entitled to any refund or credit, which may otherwise become due in the event that the account has not been settled in full prior to the Au Pair’s arrival
  • If the CLIENT cancels the placement after confirmation email and invoice copy sent then a minimum of £250 admin fee will be payable for work carried out to this point - If placement cancelled later see next point for additional costs that may be incurred by the client.
  • In the event of a client having to cancel an engagement irrespective of reason, where it is not possible to contact the au pair before their scheduled departure, the au pair would be travelling to the UK without having any agreed employment and thus could be repatriated by the authorities. Expenses may be incurred such as hotel accommodation on arrival and/or be unable to cancel tickets. The client is liable for any such expenses incurred by the au pair as a result of such cancellations. The agency will invoice for any such expense and will be payable within 7 days of the date of invoice.
  • Whilst the agency will make reasonable efforts to ensure the suitability of the au pair, the client is responsible for satisfying him or herself as to the suitability of the au pair concerning the au pair skills, qualifications, standard of English and general integrity. The agency cannot accept responsibility for any loss, expense, damage or delay caused, howsoever occasioned. The agency cannot accept liability of any kind for any loss or damage to property, or for any injury to persons arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission of any candidate introduced by the agency. Even if such an act or omission is negligent or fraudulent or reveals dishonesty.
  • An unsatisfactory au pair must be notified to the Agency within 14 days of arrival. THE FAMILY MUST PROVIDE US WITH COPIES OF THEIR WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS THAT THE AUPAIR HAS FAILED TO COMPLY WITH.  If there are then reasonable grounds for finding the Au Pairs work or conduct unsatisfactory during this period then ONE free replacement will be offered. Unsatisfactory levels of English are not regarded by the Agency as reasonable grounds for an unsatisfactory au pair. Should the client not require a replacement or make alternative arrangements, refunds will not be made. If a replacement is unsatisfactory no further replacement can be offered AND NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS ARE GIVEN. If the agency is unable to offer a suitable replacement who can stay a minimum of 6 months, then a refund will be made less £250 Administration charge -only applicable in month 1 of the placement period.
  • For placement charged at our normal placement fee (over 3 months) PLEASE NOTE - If the Au Pair gives early notice due to the host family providing a different environment or expecting different duties than detailed in the initial host family agreement OUR CREDITS WILL NOT APPLY AND A FULL FEE WILL BE DUE AGAIN. If the Au Pair gives notice for genuine personal reasons beyond the Agency’s control within 30 days of arrival a replacement will be offered. After 30 days a new fee will be due less the following credits for the following periods relating to one placement only. Only one replacement or credit offered per placement.  Departure during the following periods:- Month 1 – free replacement, Month 2 – 50% credit, Months 3 – 4 mths – 30% credit, Month 5  – 25% credit.  For placements over 5 months the full placement fee will be due but there will be 15% discount on the full placement fee for existing customers whose Au Pair placement has been successful and without problems (not valid when credits issued relating to placement lasting up to 6 months)
  • For placements charged at short term rate (under 3 months) –
  • Occasionally, for personal reasons beyond the Agency’s control, the au pair may leave the client family before the end of the period initially proposed. In this instance no credit will be offered and a replacement will be charged at the full rate.
  • The details of applicant Au Pairs are provided to the client in the strictest confidence and are not to be passed on to third parties, except with the express permission of the Agency. The passing of details to a third party resulting in engagement renders that client liable to the payment of appropriate fee.
  • If after the letter of invitation has been sent together with the full payment, the au pair is unable or unwilling to accept the Agency will make every effort to find a replacement within 14 days. If no replacement is available the fee will be refunded in full. If the client withdraws their invitation (verbal or written) after it has been issued then no refund will be made.
  • All Au Pairs are entitled to 14 days notice of termination of stay with the client except in cases of gross misconduct. Dismissal without the required notice will result in forfeiture of any credit or refund due, also any costs incurred by the au pair or by the Agency on the Au Pairs behalf will be charged to the client (e.g. Pocket money in lieu of notice, Hotel accommodation, transport to the airport)
  • The au pair is entitled to one weeks paid holiday for every 3 months worked for you.  They are also entitled to UK Bank holidays or days off in lieu .
  • The Agency cannot be held responsible for the replacement or refund of any Au Pair/Mother’s Help/Nanny who has cause to cancel or terminate a position because of war, terrorism, civil disturbance or International pandemic.
  • Failure to abide by the terms of business will result in forfeiture of any credit or refund due.

If you accept an Au Pair from A2Z Au Pairs you agree to abide by our host family agreement and the details are below

We understand that once we become an A2Z Customer - A2Z Au Pairs will release our e-mail address to other A2Z Host famlies in our area so that our Au Pair has a chance to meet other local Au Pairs.

We confirm that we have read all the written materials provided by the au-pair agency and that we will fulfil all criteria. We understand that the au-pair programme is a cultural exchange programme and not a contract of work and shall treat our au-pair as a member of the family and not hired help.

We confirm that we have answered all questions honestly and that all information in our application (including description of au-pair duties) is true.

We agree to cover all costs for room and board for our au-pair. We shall give him/her pocket money on a weekly basis, the amount shall be in accordance with the programme guidelines and our initial offer to the au pair.

Any changes in our requirements will be discussed in advance with the au pair and can only be actioned if both parties agree. If changes result in the Au Pair leaving we may forfeit our entitlement to any replacement, credit or refund relating to this unsuccessful placement.

We are familiar with and agree to abide by all programme guidelines and conditions, in particular those regarding; the number and distribution of working hours, au-pair duties, pocket money, free time, holidays, language courses, transportation costs and the termination of an au-pair arrangement.

Upon arrival in our home, we shall discuss with our au-pair in detail our and their expectations of the au-pair agreement, including a written or verbal explanation of the weekly or daily routine, their precise duties, time off and advice on handling the children. We are aware that the au-pair will need time to adjust to new surroundings and responsibilities and shall accordingly, provide a familiarisation period.

We shall give our au-pair regular verbal reports on progress and performance throughout his/her stay

We shall set house rules (e.g. Use of telephone and facilities within the home, daytime and overnight visitors, curfew, smoking etc.) for our au-pair.

We shall make a concerted effort to introduce our au-pair to the culture of our country and to assist in the learning of our language. We shall ensure that our au-pair has the opportunity to visit a language class on a regular basis. We shall respect cultural differences and display tolerance towards our au-pair.

We realise that the success of the au-pair arrangement depends on our own initiative. We shall try to integrate our au-pair into our family life and, should any problems arise, try to seek a solution with our au-pair on a personal basis.

If we have any problems or questions which cannot be resolved, we shall contact the agency for assistance.

We shall make every effort to resolve any differences with our au-pair. If no solution can be reached and we decide to terminate the au-pair agreement, we agree to give advanced notice (in accordance with the programme guidelines) During this time period, the au-pair shall perform his/her duties and receive room and board plus pocket money.

We shall notify the agency at once if we decide to cancel our application, or of any changes.

We understand that if we do not comply with A2Z Au pairs terms and conditions etc we forfeit the right to any replacements or credits due relating to an unsuccessful placement.

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Important things to consider when hosting an Au Pair

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Important advice on Au Pairs DRIVING IN THE UK
Check your insurance re minimum age that you can insure to drive your car.

As an agency we can only confirm that the Au Pair has a current driving licence - WE CANNOT ENDORSE THEIR DRIVING ABILITY - Ask the Au Pair questions to establish their current driving experience
You must organise practice lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

For BAPAA driving guidance
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For DVLA information re foreign nationals driving in the UK
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