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If you’re thinking of having an Au Pair and would like our assistance, please take just a few minutes to complete our simple registration form.
Family Registration
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Family Registration
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Your registration is password protected is not on view to the general public - we can see it here in our office and we will then contact you to explain how we enable you to vice carefully selected Au Pairs who have been interviewed and vetted by our trusted partners. 

Please remember that the Minimum pocket money required is £100 for a TOTAL 30 hours of help per week including any babysitting duties and that none of our applicants can have sole care of children under the age of 2 years old.

Our Au pair and family relationships are successful when both sides understand each other's expectations.  This also applies when we are placing elderly companions and mothers helps.
A good match on both sides is vital - please provide us with all of the FAMILY information that we  have requested so do complete a comprehensive family letter and upload photos in the final part of your family registration.  Without this we cannot offer Au pairs to interview.    Do phone us once your registration is completed. 

We totally control the matching so you will not be bombarded by requests from unsuitable applicants but the matched applicants will have view of your family letter, photos and approximate location but cannot view your phone number or address.