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Save up to £200 on our normal placement fee for NON DRIVER placements - 09/05/2014
You must select your Au Pair within one month of registering with our agency - Click on the offer above to see more details - SEPTEMBER AUPAIRS ALREADY AVAILABLE!

Useful Information
What our customers say about us
Important things to consider when hosting an Au Pair

Click here for our advice document
Important advice on Au Pairs DRIVING IN THE UK
Check your insurance re minimum age that you can insure to drive your car.

As an agency we can only confirm that the Au Pair has a current driving licence - WE CANNOT ENDORSE THEIR DRIVING ABILITY - Ask the Au Pair questions to establish their current driving experience
You must organise practice lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

For BAPAA driving guidance
Click here

For DVLA information re foreign nationals driving in the UK
Click here
How can my au pair (or nanny) become Ofsted registered under the voluntary registration scheme?
Please Click here for more information as to how to register your Au Pair or Nanny
Government childcare funding - Tax Credits & Childcare Vouchers
Your eligibility will depend on your individual family circumstances; you should contact the HM Revenue and Customs for detailed advice on your case.

Click here for general guidance from HMRC: